Tuesday, December 20, 2011


After two weeks of being exiled to the library, I am on vacation!!
Vacations are typically too exciting to be reported upon here at the “Extraordinarily Mundane Life”; however, I’m taking exception to this as I am vacationing in PITTSBURGH.  Yep, The Buckle of the Rust Belt…..although the city itself lacks luster, vacationing with my family is anything but “boring.” 
I realize Christmas has taken center-stage now for quite some time and will invariably come back up over the next week, but today, I would instead like to draw your attention to another holiday: BIRTHDAYS!
My little brother’s birthday (he turned 28) was in November.  So why am I bringing this up now you ask?  .....well his “Birthday Season” was extended until mid-December when I able to deliver his birthday gift by hand.  This year’s birthday gift was a 24 page hand-made card done MAD LIB’s style.  Sure it was a little bit of a throw-back to third grade English homework, but knowing verb tenses these days in practically a superpower.  …..and it was there that our stand in hero “Smelly Pointy Fighting Muskie” was born, saved the day, and was awarded for his deeds.
Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

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