Thursday, December 22, 2011

It’s hard to sweat the small stuff when it’s cold outside

….okay, so not *that* cold. 
I intended to do a short tutorial on “How to Stay Warm in the Frigid North” today; however, the weather gods have blessed me with 50 degree weather in Pittsburgh!! 
Therefore, discussing down vests, hand-knit scarves, ice scrapers, new leather boots, and smart phone appropriate gloves seems, well........un-necessary. 
…..and so instead, I present to you: THE SMALL STUFF.
      1.) LEEK soup: My mother made her own version of this Irish favorite this evening.  ….not to be confused with LEAK soup, which aided by a cracked piece of Tupperware, I had two weeks ago.
 2.)  Hall Decking, Gay Apparel, and Fa-La-La-La-La-ing:  With the help of a couple of monk(e)s, I have provided a photo of said “Hall Decking.”  I have also expanded my “Gay Apparel” collection with a pair of red boots and “jeggings” (I learn something new every day).  ……and of course there has been much enjoyment of the Christmas music.

3.)   Tomorrow, I will be going to New York!! 
Before you blow your “non-Mundane” whistle, please note that I will be traveling to upstate New York and not “The Big Apple.”  We’re talking Maple Syrup and Holstein country, not designer pocketbooks, and purse dogs.  ….just say’n. 
See Ya’ll on the flipside.

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