Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nice Guys Don't Wear White Belts

Dear “Nice Guy:”
I keep hearing about you.  You have “Good Manners"…..which is nice, but being a “Nice Guy” with “Good Manners” has gotten to be passé.  You’re a dime a dozen and your “polite” conversation is boring.  I realize as women we often fall for the “Bad Boy” and this is a mistake, but what we’re looking for is a daring adventure.  ……and we’d be far happier going on it with YOU.  We’re glad you went to “man school” and love the fact that you can flawlessly grill meat, back trailers up with precision, and chop down trees with a single swing of your chain saw.  I’ll even award double points of those of you who can gracefully carve a turkey at the table, pick out a diamond engagement ring on your own, and order a bottle of wine in a restaurant……but we still want more.   Here are a few of the things we’d like:
Get REAL with GOD.  Few things are sexier than a man that fully embraces faith.  Faith is inherently vulnerable……but we also realize it takes WAAAY more strength to be vulnerable.  We admire that.
Be a valiant warrior.  Winning our hearts is only the beginning…..but if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING!  …..and you don’t even need to know which end of a machete is the business end.  We’d be happy if you’d start by waging war on the “statistical norm.” 
Quit settling for *Average* White Male (….or whatever color you are).  Not because we aren’t okay with you being average…..but we aren’t into “settling” and don’t want you to be either.   If you’re already average, we believe you can do better…..start your journey, we’ll back you up the WHOLE way.
Talk to us.  There is no need for you to fear confrontation.  We all have a pair of “Big Girl Panties” and are a happy to use them.
…..and this list could go on, but you get the point.  WE BELIEVE YOU WERE MADE FOR SOOOO MUCH MORE…..there is nothing to fear that GOD can’t handle. Come find us.
“The One”
PS – Oh, and please don’t wear white belts…..or white accessories of any kind.  As the British would say, “It’s for the birds.”
…..and now back to dreaming about the hour when I get to employ my favorite word that uses excessive “Z’s.”
Night Ya’ll!

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