Friday, December 23, 2011

Interstellar Species

I often think that my mind is odd to an extent that surpasses the level of oddity displayed by my friends and by most of the general population. After all I know few people with such a deep and abiding fascination with toast and none of my friends has ever begun a blog simply for the sake of voicing whatever oddities happen to be passing through their mind at the moment. Peer pressure may also have played into the creation of the blog but that really isn't the point. The point is that finding the odd and absurd in the decidedly normal is something that seems to appeal to me more than most. But every so often one of my friends will present something that comes from so far out of left field that even I'm not sure what to make of its arrival. The great and mighty "Cosmic Possum" is one such thing. It should be noted that the great and mighty nature of the Cosmic Possum is purely assumption on my part. The originator of the Cosmic Possum made no such claims about the possum; the assumption about it's nature is based entirely on my experience that all things "cosmic" are by extension great and mighty. And yes; by personal experience I do mean what I've read in comic books. The only thing that can be said of he possum with any certainty is that it is. There is no rhyme nor reason to its existence and it needs neither to justify its place in the universe. If indeed he belongs to this universe at all. But from where, you may be wondering, did the Cosmic Possum come. In short no one knows. The possum's existence was first realized some months ago in the early morning hours when my friend woke his wife with only these two words, "Cosmic Possum". An occurrence she found less than pleasing. I suspect that her mind, still muddled with sleep, failed to grasp the momentous nature of that moment. For had she realized what was before her she would certainly have been as awed and inspired as was her husband. I know that when he greeted me later that day with the same two words I was all but overwhelmed, and more than a little confused. But back to the possum. Perhaps the possum did not exist until that very moment, his existence inextricably linked to be moment of discovery. Or perhaps he has existed since time immemorial simply waiting to be revealed. I don't suppose it much matters. That the possum exists and that he entertains is the truly important thing here. So until next we meet may the mystery of the interstellar marsupial amaze and amuse you and yours as it has me and mine.

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