Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Cool Kids.....

Dear Cool Kids----
We need to talk.  Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time together, but this week, something happened that bothers me.  In one of my classes, I overheard some of you discussing another student.  I get it….she just isn’t *that* cool.  …..at least not as cool as you…..but the truth is, I’ve sat next to her too and she a much better draftsman than most of us….not to mention she’s incredibly smart AND has a delightful sense of humor albeit a bit quirky.  Many of my favorite people are introverted and some are even a tad socially awkward…..and it will stay that way.  Truth be told, even I haven’t always been as “cool” as I might seem.  Sure, I blend in pretty well.  I studied you “cool kids,” read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” (twice), and bought a bunch of clothes at Banana Republic……it’s like “cool kid” camo….and it works pretty well.  …..and whilst I’m over the childish games, I will not stand by and watch you behave this way towards others.  She and anyone else who has been spoken about this way have an open invitation to sit near me…..in any class…..and I promise to always stand up for them in life.

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  1. Everyone needs a champion like you in their corner! You open your heart and let people in; you believe goodness and decency is within us all; you unabashedly wear your faith on your sleeve; you smile when in pain; you radiate when you laugh; you lift one's spirits! I'm reminded of a line from the movie 'The Help' where another Champion encourages self-esteem and self-worth in a little girl through warm, genuine embraces while repeating, 'Youz is smart, youz is beautiful, youz is special.' It's the little things in life that you see, are willing to recognize for what they are, and stand-up for that make you who you are. What is most recognizable in you is an exceptional, indomitable spirit; the markings of a true Champion!