Sunday, January 1, 2012

Deck The Halls v. 2.1

What happens to v. 2.0 you ask. My blogger app ate it. Last time I try using an app to write these things. It occurred to me yesterday that I had promised a Christmas card on the day which the card was to celebrate. Clearly I bombed that. I am terribly sorry. But better late than never; as they say. So in order to not miss the holiday season completely and too prevent being more than fashionably late; here is your card.

Merry Christmas all. And since we, as always I mean me, are in the holiday spirit here are some pictures of the finished decorations in my Christmas nook.

The lighting in these is terrible; or as Charles Barkley would say, "turruble, just turruble", but those are my playing card snowflakes hanging above the tree. When we say we're going to deck the halls we mean it. However in the interest of full disclosure I feel I should admit that the halls are really only about 25% decked as I ran out of ribbon long before I ran out of cards.

With Christmas now past and the new year upon us I'm ringing in 2012 with a ringing in my ears courtesy of these guys and gals. Skillet was as always the highlight of the show for our group. With Red also doing their best to make my ears bleed. And a killer performance by Switchfoot; which I was the only one in my group to enjoy because all my friends were apparently tapping into their inner eighty-nine year old woman and couldn't hang until the end of the show. Their loss.

I hope that the new year finds you well and bring you all manner of the extraordinarily mundane. Happy new year! I hope you enjoy it 'cause apparently this is the last one we're getting.

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