Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gift....

Probably not news to you, it still comes as a shock to me, that I’m not perfect.
Just Kidding!
....about the "shocking" part....
Brene Brown refers to “imperfection” as a “gift”…..and whilst I rarely feel like saying “thank you”, I have discovered that I’m “gifted” in some ways….Speiling being one of them.  To the core I am a creative person and sometimes this attribute displays itself in grand grammatical faux pas.  Over the last few weeks, I have been photographing the "I Believe..." project…..and although I seem to catch the spelling & grammar errors of others, I am incapable of proof reading my own board.  Blast!  I present the following as proof:

....if you can not figure out what the "problem" is with the one on the lower left, read not further....stop what you are doing immediately & go watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I have however, come up with three possible solutions for said issue:
1.)    Spring for a chalkboard complete with a grammar checking app.  I’ve looked into this and it seems these are not available on the market.  ……silly me….. I thought there was an app for EVERYTHING.

2.)    Hire a red pen wielding English major.  That pretty much summarizes the answer to the age old question, “What can one do with a BA in English?” 

3.)    Hire a Scribe.  Some when posed with the question of who the first person they would hire if they were independently wealthy would answer: a maid or a butler or a personal trainer or even a cabana boy…..but personally, I would like a scribe.   That’s right, a guy with a notebook and a pen to just follow me around a take notes on all the ridiculous things I think up.   If you too are in the market for a scribe, try:  ….no really….it exists.

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  1. How about a tablet like an IPad or something along those lines. Maybe one of those handheld spell checkers you could type in the word then write it in chalk. Or just have a misspell every now and then chuckle if someone points it out and keep going on with your life.