Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hypothetically Speaking

Let us suppose I had something to say. Better yet let's suppose I had something to say that was worth hearing or at least not a complete waste of your time.

Wouldn't that be something? Of course it would. And something is certainly better than nothing, at least in this case, so let's run with this assumption; if only for a moment.

I think it safe to say that this post would address some situation or experience common to most. A relatively serious topic but told with a pinch of absurdity and the kind of humor that makes a tough pill easier to swallow. Perhaps an amusing life story from my own experience will serve to illustrate the point and create a sense of camaraderie betwixt author and reader as we bond over our common plight.

And then we'll end with a moment of insight, again presented with just the right amount of hilarity, which allows you to carry a lighter more humorous perspective on the topic into your daily life, you're welcome for that, thus rendering your life generally improved if only in the most minor of fashions.

Yeah... That'd be great...

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