Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year......Same God.....

2011 was a crazy-crazy year with 49 credit hours of school, a half marathon, and a new city added to my Turkey Trot list.  I painted more than 40 painting, took 9000 photographs, and spent 400 hours of studying the Bible.  I traveled through nine states, mailed 500+ pieces of mail, tithed every month (this was last year's resolution), doubled the number of tequila shots I’ve done in my lifetime, joined the rowing crew, and used of 6 tubes of yellow paint.  I’ve moved, made new friends, volunteered, and visited old friends.  Placed 9th in a Road Rally and played bombardier in a flour bombing competition.  I cried most days and laughed on all of them.  I would NEVER choose to go back through this year again, but equally wouldn’t give up the experience of having gone through it.  God has shown in love, mercy, wisdom, and peace……and yet I am sooooooo thankful that 2012 is here.
______________________________ much as 2011 tested what I believe, it has also concreated so many things into my mind that I will take into 2012 and every year to follow hereafter.  Through all of it I have become curious as to what other people believe and have launched a project called "I believe..."  The chalkboard you see above is my primary prop.  You (the reader) can look forward to seeing more of "I believe..." in the very near future. : )

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