Friday, January 13, 2012

The Phone On My Last Camera

In this day and age (Friday the thirteenth day of January in the year of our Lord 2012; to be specific) it is exceptionally common for those of us living in so called "first world" (an expression I'm not really sure is accurate in the case of the United States as our founding is predated by the founding of just about every other country that exists making us more like the last world... Unless this is one of those the first shall be last and the last shall be first things... But I digress... As usual.) countries to posess electronic devices possessed with such a plethora of functions that they put a Swiss army knife to shame. In the course of a recent conversation with my illustrious co-author I made reference to "the phone on my last camera" (both of which were only marginally useful at best and have now been replaced with a superior camera that came equipped with a equally superior phone) now this was an unintentional reversal of the device's roles but it raised an interesting question. If the device contains within its whole a selection of discrete functions otherwise available as standalone devices than which component of the aggregate becomes the primary defining feature. Most, I suspect, would argue that the device's defining feature is that component which the manufacturer names as primary. In the case of my current camera the manufacturer, Apple, has left little question as to what they consider the defining characteristic. After all it's called an iPhone not an iCamera. By as my references to the device indicate this is not a view I'm certain I share. Certainly the device operates as a perfectly competent phone, and this functionality was key in my decision to purchase the device, but as I have begun using my "iPhone" I find that the phone is far from the most commonly utilized function. if you haven't figured it out by now the camera see a lot more use than the phone. As do the internet browser, banking apps, and bible. It has also become my favorite board game. So why if the phone is not the function of primary use; should it be the function of primary definition. Personally I think I have a camera with a great phone. Maybe a you have an internet browser which came conveniently equipped with a phone or maybe you have a phone with some other function. Either way I refuse to be confined by some one else's view of how I should view my device. After all a flashlight that can surf the internet and video conference with my brother in Germany is way cooler than a phone with a camera.

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  1. That brought up a question to me you hear the term first world country and third world country fairly often. Wheres all the second world countries I wondered so I decided to check. This link is a map the blue is first world countries, red is second world countries, and green is third world countries.