Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sit Down and Row

Crew season is cranking back up.  …..and I can’t quite escape the call of the water.  I’m stoked and yet baffled as to how this is going to fit into my schedule…..oh-well….I’ll sort the details out later.
During the first practice of last semester as I sat tottering precariously in the boat learning to row, I recalled the story of Jesus sending his disciples out to sea.  The boats of Jesus’ day were equipped with oars, much like ours…..and I imagine that even without The Weather Channel, Jesus still knew that storm was coming…..after all….he was God.  Yet he sent his disciples out to row anyway.  …..a test of sorts? .....maybe.  …..and with Jesus out of sight and the waves out of control, the disciples got scared…..yet his instructions were clear: “Sit Down and Row……I’ll meet you on the other side.”  In our boats even prematurely pulling an oar in can upset the boat and puts the safety of the entire crew in jeopardy…..I can’t help but wonder if one of the disciples might have done the same thing.

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