Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To The Full: Or, Life As It Should Be

Daring the distillation of delusion and dream drege the depths of despair and desire dividing the deceased from their death and dissolve dismay discovering

Passion powerful and profound practicing principle and patience persistently pursuing present potential purging the pain of a poisoned past

Sets sail on sapphire seas soaring swiftly storm chased and serpent faced surviving the swells safely seperated from sabotage of soul spirit stabbing skyward eyes set

Forward forgoing the flailing of fury a focused fervor forges ahead forming friendships fixed in faith and fellowship a future assured no fear of failure or famine

Hunger for hope and healing now wholly satisfied a heroic heart battles the hidden horror of hoarded hatred halting a harrowing decent here a haven claimed on holy hill now home of him


My thoughts on life as it ought to be lived. More to come.

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