Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's in a word?

The power of words is astounding.  There are some words I loathe listening to, some I like listening to, some I love listening to, and some I long to listen to again.  Some words are binding, some are frivolous, and some are laughable……but alas they all have meaning.  …..but it’s written words I love the most.  From love letters on little scrolls and contracts to*real* mail in my mailbox and tiny notes on yellow post-its….I love them all.  …...but journaling may be my favorite.  My journals are a beautiful review of yesterday’s thoughts in the world one must in live today.  ….there are times I wonder *why*  am  where I am, but to be able to see God’s hand placing me exactly where I am today through the pages of yesterday and yesteryear’s journals is amazing.  My own words on paper, written thoughtfully and with conviction in moments of clarity often answer that *why.*  They help me to recognize God’s infallibility and remain courageous in the midst of adversity.  Sure things change, even written words, regardless of how *binding* they seem, are often broken…..but that’s the fallibility of mankind….it’s free choice at its finest….and it’s part of the beauty we reserve as human beings.

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