Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where is it at? In The Midst Of Abject Failure.

I recently read something that was posted in a place of business by a person of not insignificant professional standing and success which caused me great pain. The post read, "there is alot of nice people in the world". If this doesn't pain you then reading the rest of this post may be time you could better spend elsewhere. Perhaps in an intro level English course. Ok; so maybe that's a bit harsh... But only a little bit. It was all I could do not to correct the grammar and use of an imaginary word. I mean how hard is it to write, "there are a lot of nice people in the world". Sadly etiquette dictated that I hold both tongue and red pen; leaving the offending pseudo sentence intact.

And then; as is often the case my pride in a superior level of grammatical prowess was laid low when in response to being asked to acquire an item for a coworker I asked, "where is it at", thus uttering one of the vilest curses known to grammar. I ended a sentence with a preposition. And with a preposition which was entirely superfluous. Though this was several days past the shame haunts me; even now robbing me of sleep and playing endlessly through my mind ; a nightmare I can't escape.

My cohort recently brought up the issue of imperfection, especially as it relates to the use of language, and apparently she's no the only one suffering this affliction. We can only hope that it won't become a chronic condition lest the blog suffer.

After all it'd be really alloying if the posts was full of error and missspeilings with run on sentences and it's punctuation all messed up well just hope that doesn't happen cause how pathetic would that be.

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