Wednesday, February 29, 2012

....and the Greatest of these is "Courage"?!?!?

“Many People today believe theirdoubts and doubt their beliefs.  Has anyone ever seen an idea?  Seen love? Seen faith?  The reality is, though that we can see the results of an idea.  We can see the acts of faith & love, but the real things—the lasting things—in the world are invisible, spiritual realities.” –Pastor Rick Warren
At the end of last semester, my colleague Katie and I were discussing the depravity of makind and the deficit of intangible things such as love, joy, hope, peace, faith, and courage.  As cohabitants on planet earth, it seems it is our duty to help provide this to those around us….and so we hatched a plan to distribute precisely these things.  …..but sadly we too were running short on the “intangles,” sleep & time….so our plan was shelved for a later date. 
Two weeks ago however, we put our plan into action, hanging 7 of these signs around the upper portion of our building.
….and then waited….
The results have been surprising.  Of the three words we chose, I assumed “Hope” would be the most popular; I was WRONG…it’s “Courage”!
Out of 28 possible tabs for each word:
Day #1:   4 “Faith” - 10 “Hope” – 15 “Courage”
Day #2:   9 “Faith” – 13 “Hope” – 17 “Courage”
Day #14:  12 “Faith” – 13 “Hope” – 23 “Courage”
This project has now been expanded to a total of seven buildings on campus.  There has been discussion as to how students of differing majors may react……although I have no intention to try quantify this.  My hope is rather that those who need “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Courage” find it and that these signs remind the rest of us to encourage each person we come into contact with.
If you are interested in hanging these signs on a bulletin board near you, email we’ll get a printable .pdf to you.

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