Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Defeatists & Nay Sayers.....

Dear Defeatists and Nay Sayers ---
God has a way of using what we think we can’t handle to knock off the rough edges.   I have therefore compiled a list to help you demystify this mutual experience:

1.)     If God promised it….He’ll do it……but probably not in our timing OR the way we think he should.  Take a lesson from the Israelites.  They spent 40yrs wandering in the desert for their unbelief.   GOD WINS!
2.)    God likes to let us know He is BIG, Powerful, and Creative.  Read the book of Joshua.  He digs unconventional warfare……but it requires RIDICULOUS faith.  The odds will never appear to be stacked in our favor.  Just ask the guys wearing out their sandals marching around Jericho.  GOD WINS!
3.)     God put us here for a reason.  …..a reason he has been building on for years….probably our WHOLE lives.  Esther fulfilled her purpose the first time God asked her to do something.  GOD WINS!
4.)    God will give you a 2nd chance.  Didn’t feel up to following God the first time.  Not to worry….you get “do-overs.”  Just ask Jonah…..the downside however, is “do-overs” usually land you in a place that stinks more (like a fish) AND you still have to do what God asked you to do in the first place.  GOD WINS!
5.)    God will give you 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc chances.  Peter was a man of a million chances.  They say Thomas doubted….but Peter doubted even more.  Don’t worry….God will let you know he’s God.  He’s REEEAALLLY patient.  GOD WINS!

6.)Conflict is the path to victory, NOT indicative of failure.  Paul was no stranger to conflict, yet he counted it all a "Blessing."  God never promised easy, he just promises it will be worth it.  In the end....GOD ALWAYS WINS!
7.)    You will be LOVED by God & me, because of a thing called grace.  Yes, that’s Love with a capital “L.”  I realize this LOVE frustrates you……and maybe even makes you angry.  Good.  Hot metal can be molded…..it’s when you become cold, crusty, and indifferent that God cannot work.  GOD WINS!
The toughest judge you’ll have on this planet will always be yourself.  TRUST ME….we’re a lot alike….we’re HUMAN. 

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  1. May I suggest that sometimes God does not give do-overs? In the case of Moses, he erred and was not permitted to enter the promised land. God didn't waiver on that but still loved and used Moses and permitted him to see it. Just a thought. Keep up the good writing e.