Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Of Light and Dark

I find it telling that the very first thing God did after creating the universe was create light and separate the light from the darkness. In that moment we see the universe as it is. Darkness the natural state and apart from God's intervention devoid of light. The reality here is the universe in its entirety as allegory for the redeeming work of God. The very first acts of creation illustrating all that was to follow...

As humans we are born into darkness. Separated from the light of God by the shroud of death that is our sin. Even so the heart of man yearns for the light. Oh, certainly we love the darkness for how it hides our retched forms. For the way it cloaks our wickedness. But we also fear the dark; cowering in the corners of our lives for fear of facing the monsters which roam the night. Monsters which have no place in the light. So even as we embrace the night still our souls yearn for the light. After all when we venture into the night it is not the darkness but the daggers of light which pierce the veil above that draw our eyes. The aurora on the horizon captures our imagination leading us to wonder what it would be like to dwell in that light... And for a moment we forget what terror the night holds. And maybe the wondering will turn to longing; the longing to deciding and we will dare to embrace the light.

But once within the light we must still be cautious where we tread. For while it is often stated that darkness flees the light; and this is true. It seems that nearly as often we interpret this retreat as a form of fear; thinking that the darkness dares not step into the light. But perhaps it isn't fear at all. After all the darkness does not cower shivering in the corner. Instead it creeps as close to the light as it can; encroaching on those places where the light is most faint. No; if the darkness feels anything towards the light it must be hatred. For the light binds the darkness as surely as chains may bind a man. And so; the darkness stalks along the edge of twilight and watches; waiting to strike at the source of the light. For it is only in the light that darkness cannot tread. So then; we ought to plant ourselves firmly centered in the light. Lest we stray back into shadow and the places where darkness and the monsters it hides have their way.

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