Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a thought.....

Have you ever had one of *those* days where you feel as if you hit the ground running and haven’t slowed down…..& yet still haven’t accomplished anything of significance?  …..and the last thing you were able to accomplish was taking time out to relax & reflect on how you could bless someone else’s life?  THAT was precisely my yesterday.  I typically greet each person I pass on the sidewalk…..but yesterday, I made phone calls as I commuted across campus and ran errands that put me in my car by myself longer than it took to accomplish the errands themselves……and in my haste, I stopped to grab “fast food”…..after all, I was in a hurry……but it was there that I found myself stopped in my tracks & reflecting on how selfish my day had really been.  …..as the blue mini-van in front of me pulled away, I handed my money to the clerk, he waved it away….he said the lady in front of  you bought your meal and wanted me to tell you to “Have a Blessed Day.”  WOW!.....me?!?!?  Amazing….I’m not certain I’ve ever felt so honored or even unworthy to have a sandwich from Chick-Fil-A.  What a simple act of kindness!  It didn’t even require a huge quantity of effort or time…..it was simple…..and the message was simple…..Be Blessed….
…..but it’s gotten me thinking about missed opportunities to bless others….in simple….even anonymous ways.  What’s five dollars?  ….or five minutes in the grand scheme of life?  She didn’t know me…..she doesn’t even know what I look like.  How often do *we* decide what others “deserve” based on our perceptions of their actions, choices, words, looks, etc.  I’ve done it!  It’s easy to think about some wild African tribe as a mission field, but what about the people in our neighborhoods?  What about that person at work or school that’s annoying or awkward?  After all, this is a blog about *mundane* things…..can we forgive mundane offenses too…..like being cut off in traffic?  …poor service at a restaurant?  ….or my own person beef, the mail carrier that inconsistently picks up my mail?  …..or will I continue to reserve *my* right to be angry, upset, etc.  In the south it’s more passive-aggressive.  People’s “hearts get blessed” and they are “wished the best.”  The Bostonian interpretation of this is more direct and begins with the letter “F.”  …..but what would happen if each time we were tempted to say….or even think these things, we instead hit our knees and asked God to change our own hearts in a way that allowed us to see others through HIS eyes and prayed that HIS best be done?

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