Wednesday, May 23, 2012

An Ode To A Thistle Hued Terrapin And Other Absurdities

Have you ever had a thought so completely random and outside the bounds of your normal thought patterns that any attempt to discern its origin is as fruitless as an orange grove in the Antarctic. And has such a thought ever gotten lodged in your subconscious and then floated into the realm of conscious thought at seemingly random intervals with such encounters sometimes separated by spans of a week or more. As you may have guessed I have been in possession of such a thought for some time now and have yet to uncover an effective method for dislodging my unwelcome if somewhat humorous guest. What now lies before you is an attempt to exorcise the specter of this thought by giving it a body of its own; even if only a body of the written word.
The thought in question is "purple turtle". Perhaps this terrible terrapin is the result of watching reruns of The Ninja Turtles as a child. Donatello was always my favorite. Maybe it's the rhyme that makes it stay and play and never ever go away. I'm suspicious that the purple turtle hails from the same realm as my friend's Cosmic Possum but that suspicion is not something I've been able to confirm at this juncture. Where the turtle hails from originally is in my mind of less import than where he has chosen to reside now. Namely in my mind. Perhaps now that others are aware of his existence he'll chose some other poor soul with which to room. In the mean time I'm going to try to lock him up for the night and hope he stays put long enough for me to get a reprieve.

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