I am B.

Where to begin?  That's always the question I find hardest to answer when writing. Especially when I don't care for the subject. Which is not to say that I don't like me but rather that I don't like talking about me.  I know; a blogger who writes a personal blog but doesn't like to talk about himself is something of a paradox.  I like to talk about what I do; what I enjoy; but not about me personally.  So where to begin?  The beginning seems like a logical place to start but that's a long story and simple linear progression in storytelling is so pass√©.  We could start at the end and work our way back but where we are now isn't entirely relevant to the story we really want to tell; if for no other reason than I'm not completely sure what story we're telling from day to day.  I could simply give you the statistics: Brian born April, 7 1984 in Bethesda, MD to James  and Maureen,  5'11 and 3/4",  175lbs, B.A. in Economics and Commerce, etc but that stuff is boring and really doesn't capture who I am and why we're here.  We're here for the mundane not the boring.  And more importantly to remind ourselves that the mundane doesn't have to be boring.  So who am I? I'm actually kind of shy.  I talk to much.  I feel finding vintage furniture at Goodwill is as good as finding a pirate's treasure.  I think hopeless romantics are the most hopeful people I know.  I find breakfast foods endlessly entertaining, and alliteration always amusing. I believe it's cool to be a nerd but that you don't always need to dress like one.   I believe amazing grace is more than just a pretty song. And that God meant it when he said, " I AM".  I think we're going to have some fun here.  And I'm pretty sure that's enough about me.